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frodoxv_familyMichigan ACTS believes that a strong partnership between schools and parents is essential to the academic well-being of students. When school staff and parents work together to reinforce high standards of conduct and achievement, the result is a school that "works," a learning environment that promotes success.

In this section, we present information on topics that parents frequently ask us about and ideas about how families can help their children be successful in school--from improving homework time to selecting rigorous courses. We hope you'll find these resources useful and welcome ideas for additional topics.

Helping Your Child Series

This series of booklets, co-published by the American Federation of Teachers the U.S. Department of Education, includes practical suggestions and activities parents can use at home with their children to help them succeed in school:

More parent resources from the AFT

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  • How Parents & Families Can Communicate Better with Teachers and School Staff, English
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