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Charter school teachers and staff often don't have an opportunity to interact with colleagues outside of their own school. is one way charter school teachers, staff, administrators and parents can see what's happening outside their own, hear directly from others who share their same passions and frustrations, share ideas and best practices, and take collective action on important issues.

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Michigan ACTS believes that a strong partnership between schools and parents is essential to the academic well-being of students. When school staff and parents work together to reinforce high standards of conduct and achievement, the result is a school that "works," a learning environment that promotes success. 

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The AFT represents charter school teachers and support staff in over 120 charter schools across 12 states. These educators recognize that the AFT and its affiliates have the experience and professionalism to help them achieve their goals. Listen to what some of them have to say about their work, their schools and AFT ACTS.

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Watch "Better Together: Charters and Unions"